Rambo: Last Blood (2019): Action / Adventure / Thriller

When the girl who raised as his own daughter gets kidnapped by Mexican human traffickers, Rambo goes on a rampage to get her back. Let me tell you a story about John Rambo… Behind the American propaganda, and behind the real-life wars that affected real-life people in the real-life world, Rambo, as a fictional character,Continue reading “Rambo: Last Blood (2019): Action / Adventure / Thriller”


Luce (2019): Drama

Luce, a black kid adopted from war-torn Eritrea by a white couple, becomes an excellent school student and a political statement but a series of obscure and ostensibly unrelated events gradually reveal everyone’s true colours. I think that IMDb got it wrong here. They put ‘Drama’ under the title when they should have described itContinue reading “Luce (2019): Drama”

Event Horizon (1997): Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Having gone missing for seven years, spaceship ‘Event Horizon’ reappears having come back from a darkness beyond human understanding. One of the best psychological, sci-fi horrors you have ever watched: Alien (1979) meets Hellraiser (1987)! The ‘tragedy’ with Event Horizon is, as usual, the studio. When uncreative people in high places interfere with art, art alwaysContinue reading “Event Horizon (1997): Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller”

Angel Has Fallen (2019): Action / Thriller

Having been framed for the attempted assassination of the President, Mike Banning is on the run trying to uncover the conspiracy behind the attack. I’ll start with the good news, they are less. Endless shooting accompanied by foul language, and big-time clobbering is the recipe to forget all of your problems for two hours; Angel isContinue reading “Angel Has Fallen (2019): Action / Thriller”

Anna (2019): Action / Thriller

Having hit rock bottom, Anna gets a visit from KGB who offers a way out by training her to become an assassin. “Luc Besson: Making Assassins Since 1990”. And after Anna, I think the business comes to an end. Let me step back a bit though… Anna has nothing to offer to the genre. ItContinue reading “Anna (2019): Action / Thriller”

Avengement (2019): Action / Crime / Thriller

After years of imprisonment, a man manages to escape and heads straight for the people responsible that made his life inside a living hell. Fifth collaboration between Jesse V. Johnson and Scott Adkins with this one and Savage Dog (2017) being my favourite ones. Originally from Sutton Coldfield, only a few miles away from whereContinue reading “Avengement (2019): Action / Crime / Thriller”

The Gallows (2015): Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Years after a kid’s accidental death, four kids get trapped in a school and tortured by a sinister supernatural force. I would like to be clear once more and I will be every time I am forced to make a review such as this. I never judge a film itself. I judge the intentions behindContinue reading “The Gallows (2015): Horror / Mystery / Thriller”

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019): Horror / Mystery / Thriller

On Halloween, three friends and a mysterious drifter end up in a haunted house, discovering a dead girl’s notebook that contains deadly stories that come true. Are you a Halloween fan? Are you a ‘scary stories’ fan? Then look no further! Based on the ’80s homonymous book series written by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated byContinue reading “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019): Horror / Mystery / Thriller”

Fractured (2019): Thriller

Following an accident at a pit stop, a man’s wife and daughter go missing at a remote hospital, leading him to go to extreme lengths to find them. Act 1: An unsettling feeling takes over that cannot be shaken off. From the opening scene to the plot point, an unspecified wrongdoing causes uncertainty as toContinue reading “Fractured (2019): Thriller”

Joker (2019): Crime / Drama / Thriller

Before Joker became the infamous criminal, he was Arthur Fleck, a mentally disturbed aspiring comedian who cracked under the pressure of an even more disturbing city called Gotham. It feels like psychological studies could be written on Joker. As I only do short film reviews though, I’ll keep it to the point. Todd Philips has delivered aContinue reading “Joker (2019): Crime / Drama / Thriller”