Men in Black International (2019): Action / Adventure / Comedy

Men in Black, the secret government organisation with the cream of the crop agents and the advanced technology from all over the known Universe is now having a mole who threatens to destroy the Earth. The reasons are obvious as to why it didn’t perform well. Barry Sonnenfeld, director of Men in Black I (1997),Continue reading “Men in Black International (2019): Action / Adventure / Comedy”


Creed II (2018): Drama / Sport

Ivan Drago has a son… and they are coming to claim the heavyweight title from Balboa’s tutelage, Adonis Creed. Is it enjoyable? It is. Is the training inspiring? It is. Is the acting convincing and the editing pacing the film as it should? Definitely. Is Tessa Thompson amazing? Hands down. Then what seems to beContinue reading “Creed II (2018): Drama / Sport”

Sorry to Bother You (2018): Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

In a parallel universe, in Oakland, a telemarketer goes from having nothing to having everything to losing it all over again when in reality he had it all, lost it, and then tries to gain it again. Is it perplexed? So is the film… Before I write any review, I make sure not to readContinue reading “Sorry to Bother You (2018): Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi”