Rambo: Last Blood (2019): Action / Adventure / Thriller

When the girl who raised as his own daughter gets kidnapped by Mexican human traffickers, Rambo goes on a rampage to get her back. Let me tell you a story about John Rambo… Behind the American propaganda, and behind the real-life wars that affected real-life people in the real-life world, Rambo, as a fictional character,Continue reading “Rambo: Last Blood (2019): Action / Adventure / Thriller”


Terminator: Dark Fate (2019): Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Sarah Connor and an enhanced human from the future must fight against the most advanced Terminator ever sent back in time, protecting a young woman whose existence is the key to humanity’s fate. Old wine, new bottle. The franchise’s sixth installment acknowledges only Terminator (1984), and Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) and pretends the onesContinue reading “Terminator: Dark Fate (2019): Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi”

Luce (2019): Drama

Luce, a black kid adopted from war-torn Eritrea by a white couple, becomes an excellent school student and a political statement but a series of obscure and ostensibly unrelated events gradually reveal everyone’s true colours. I think that IMDb got it wrong here. They put ‘Drama’ under the title when they should have described itContinue reading “Luce (2019): Drama”

Adopt a Highway (2019): Drama

A man is released from prison after many years and while trying to figure out how the modern world works, he stumbles upon a baby dumped in the trash. I’ll start with the fact that this is a drama from Blumhouse – the king of low budget-that always-turns-a-profit horrors. A quite insightful and existential IContinue reading “Adopt a Highway (2019): Drama”

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019): Action / Comedy / Horror

Ten years have passed since the zombocalypse and Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock must now face dumb, smart, stealthy, and rough zombies, deal with domestic issues and ally with lookalikes, hippies, and a bimbo. Double Tap, is the sequel I was reasonably afraid it will have nothing more to offer when it comes out.Continue reading “Zombieland: Double Tap (2019): Action / Comedy / Horror”

Marriage Story (2019): Comedy / Drama / Romance

A married couple with a little kid decides to break up and both parties reveal their best and worst hidden sides of themselves. Even though ‘it takes a village to make a film’ and every department plays a significant role in a film’s success or failure, five major ones (not in a particular order) needContinue reading “Marriage Story (2019): Comedy / Drama / Romance”

Men in Black International (2019): Action / Adventure / Comedy

Men in Black, the secret government organisation with the cream of the crop agents and the advanced technology from all over the known Universe is now having a mole who threatens to destroy the Earth. The reasons are obvious as to why it didn’t perform well. Barry Sonnenfeld, director of Men in Black I (1997),Continue reading “Men in Black International (2019): Action / Adventure / Comedy”

Wounds (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

A world of obscurity and darkness gradually surrounds a bartender after finding a phone left at his bar. At first, everyone’s merry. People ‘necking’ life in shot glasses seems like the way to go in a world full of worries. Then, different people who don’t belong to that world leave behind this phone which carries…Continue reading “Wounds (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery”

Black and Blue (2019): Action / Crime / Drama

A rookie, black, female police officer becomes the target of three corrupt cops after witnessing them murder a bunch of young drug dealers. It seems that there are three sore points Black and Blue addresses. Two of them are included in the film’s title but wait until we get to the script. Its cinematography, NaomieContinue reading “Black and Blue (2019): Action / Crime / Drama”

End of Days (1999): Action / Fantasy / Horror

It is the end of the millennium, Satan has taken a human form while looking for the woman who will bear his child, and it is up to a suicidal ex-cop to prevent the end of days. Arguably, one of the best, darkest… and underrated films Schwarzenegger has ever been in. Brilliant fast-paced and editedContinue reading “End of Days (1999): Action / Fantasy / Horror”