The Town (2010): Crime / Drama / Thriller

The Town.jpg

A band of thieves terrorise the banks of Boston but when personal feelings and the FBI get in the way, everyone’s loyalty is at stake.

10 years old and not outdated a bit. Thrilling action and suspenseful drama to keep you pinned to your seats for two hours. Since the beginning of his career, Ben Affleck has been proving time and time again his undeniable talent both in front and behind the camera. Think of The Town as Heat (1995) meets Good Will Hunting (1997). An exceptional mid-90s action film, fifteen years later. Next to Affleck, Jeremy Renner will make you wonder, “is he actually such an asshole?” He is meant to be one and he nails it as he nails the accent. One of his best performances to date. Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, and Blake Lively couldn’t have been a better choice, and Titus Welliver, Chris Cooper, and the late Pete Postlethwaite are as hateable as they were meant to be. A-list form head to toe!

I know that you probably have watched it. If you have, watch it again. It is most definitely worth it. If somehow you’ve missed it, make it your next film!

Stay safe!

Arrival (2016): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi


I could write a thesis on “Arrival”… I’ve been to a linguistics seminar, I’ve been to a psychology on perception seminar… Most of the known sciences out there can analyse “Arrival”, each from its own perspective. It is hard to elaborate on its key points without giving away spoilers so I will choose my very few words extremely carefully. Whether you have watched it or not, maybe you’ll find my standpoint somewhat useful – I hope so anyway.

There are three concepts you need to pay attention to:

  • Language
  • Time
  • Perception

Keeping these in mind, here’s the film’s concept: Louise, a renowned linguist, and Ian, a distinguished mathematician – among others – are enlisted by Colonel Weber, after twelve alien spacecrafts suddenly appear, ostensibly randomly, around the world. As the big nations are planning on attacking the spacecrafts, Louise is racing against time to find a way to communicate with the aliens and prevent a global disaster.

Then the end credits scroll down… And now, years later, I still find myself pseudo-wondering, what do I really know about these concepts? But shortly after, as usual, life snaps me out of it and then I wonder, what do I really know about anything?

I salute the cast and crew for mastering such depth and complexity.

Wind River (2017): Crime / Drama / Mystery

Wind River.jpg

Underrated “Sons of Anarchy” actor Taylor Sheridan became the writer-director of “Wind River”, an American modern, indie masterpiece.

From the sheer will for survival to the against-all-odds rediscovery of the heroes’ inner, rigid strength, to the subject matter’s tragic truth, “Wind River” gives prominence to the animals’ humanity and the humans’ animality.

I salute all actors who poured their souls into their roles, and Taylor Sheridan who, receiving a lengthy 8′ standing ovation at the Cannes, he deservedly won the Un Certain Regard – Best Director.