London (2005): Drama / Romance


Let me introduce to you writer/director Hunter Richards. Is he well-known? No. Should he be? Definitely. What for? “London”! Unknown too? It shouldn’t be.

Addressing mostly the Hollywood lovers, “London” focuses on three characters portrayed by two actors and one actress who are known to be action heroes and one of the hottest women alive respectively. Chris Evans, Jason Statham, and Jessica Biel have been fully humanized, “made redundant” to people next door, and deal with everyday issues that you and I are troubled with. No heroes, no celebrities here.

“London” takes place profusely in a house party’s toilet where:

  • Evans and Statham camp there as they are not welcome.
  • Expensive paintings are used as a flat surface for everyone to constantly snort cocaine.
  • Politics, religion, history, sociology, philosophy, drugs, human psyche, sadomasochism, and relationship issues are elaborated.
  • Finally, while the aforementioned is happening, everyone comes in and out to do their needs.

Statham and Evans steal the show. They look at each other in the eye, are not afraid to go berserk, and their characters find mental and spiritual/psychological ablution. A brilliant cinematic reflection on how real-life introspection can be turned into a liberating life’s unfolding.

You can find it here:

The Meg (2018): Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

The Meg.jpg

Check this one, yeah? A producer walks into his office, sits down, and reads this script…

An experienced diver/rescuer saves literally the last minute a bunch of people while a couple of them, absolutely doomed/didn’t stand a chance, die. The doctor, who was one of the survivors and would be dead if it wasn’t for the diver, accuse him of cowardice.

Give it about a year, the retired diver is now round-the-clock shitfaced, gets a visit by an old colleague, gets offered a rescue mission, says no, takes it, saves everyone except one, in a half-naked scene is revealed to us that the beers he had been necking had steroids, one of the fit survivors accuse him of cowardice, falls in love with him anyway, they kill the Meg, then there is another Meg bigger than the first Meg, the diver rips the second Meg apart, saves the world, gets the girl. Jason vs Meg: 1-0.

The enthralled producer makes it to the “FADE OUT”, picks up the phone, dials a number and says: “Give them $130,000,000”!

If you fancy a good laugh, you can find it here: