Zombieland: Double Tap (2019): Action / Comedy / Horror

Ten years have passed since the zombocalypse and Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock must now face dumb, smart, stealthy, and rough zombies, deal with domestic issues and ally with lookalikes, hippies, and a bimbo. Double Tap, is the sequel I was reasonably afraid it will have nothing more to offer when it comes out.Continue reading “Zombieland: Double Tap (2019): Action / Comedy / Horror”


Wounds (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

A world of obscurity and darkness gradually surrounds a bartender after finding a phone left at his bar. At first, everyone’s merry. People ‘necking’ life in shot glasses seems like the way to go in a world full of worries. Then, different people who don’t belong to that world leave behind this phone which carries…Continue reading “Wounds (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery”

End of Days (1999): Action / Fantasy / Horror

It is the end of the millennium, Satan has taken a human form while looking for the woman who will bear his child, and it is up to a suicidal ex-cop to prevent the end of days. Arguably, one of the best, darkest… and underrated films Schwarzenegger has ever been in. Brilliant fast-paced and editedContinue reading “End of Days (1999): Action / Fantasy / Horror”

Event Horizon (1997): Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Having gone missing for seven years, spaceship ‘Event Horizon’ reappears having come back from a darkness beyond human understanding. One of the best psychological, sci-fi horrors you have ever watched: Alien (1979) meets Hellraiser (1987)! The ‘tragedy’ with Event Horizon is, as usual, the studio. When uncreative people in high places interfere with art, art alwaysContinue reading “Event Horizon (1997): Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller”

Death Ship (1980): Adventure / Horror / Mystery

A Nazi ghost ship rams a cruise ship, sinks it, and then comes back only to get the survivors on board and make them descent into madness. Act I: Chessy ’70s editing, accompanied by cheesy ’70s music. Get to know who everyone is and what everyone is like. You see them having fun and thenContinue reading “Death Ship (1980): Adventure / Horror / Mystery”

Don’t Let Go (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

After his family gets murdered, a disheveled cop receives a phone call from his… dead niece as if nothing has happened. Jason Blum regained his senses after The Gallows (2015) and The Gallows Act II (2019) and does a comeback with a not so unusual plot but with great execution. Directed by Jacob Estes, Don’tContinue reading “Don’t Let Go (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery”

Clown (2014): Drama / Fantasy / Horror

A father tries to please his kid on his birthday by dressing up as a clown only to get stuck in the suit, start losing his mind, and transform into… something else. This is not another clown film! Clown cuts straight to the point, gets you to feel the hero’s pain, introduces you to theContinue reading “Clown (2014): Drama / Fantasy / Horror”

Ostinato (2019): Short / Horror

A chef finds himself getting killed over and over by anyone he knows. Completed through the 48 Hour Film Project in Shanghai, and winner of GOLD BEST MICROSHORT, SILVER BEST HORROR SHORT, SILVER BEST DARK COMEDY at the OCTOBER 2019 edition of Independent Shorts Awards (ISA), Ostinato marks the narrative debut for Luke Luoh. As IContinue reading “Ostinato (2019): Short / Horror”

Midsommar (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

A young couple and their two friends decide to fly to Sweden and visit an isolated community’s midsummer festival only to experience events they never expected they would. Ari Aster knows how to portray death. He has mastered the art of perfectly shooting people die – one way or another – and then how toContinue reading “Midsommar (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery”

The Gallows (2015): Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Years after a kid’s accidental death, four kids get trapped in a school and tortured by a sinister supernatural force. I would like to be clear once more and I will be every time I am forced to make a review such as this. I never judge a film itself. I judge the intentions behindContinue reading “The Gallows (2015): Horror / Mystery / Thriller”