End of Days (1999): Action / Fantasy / Horror

It is the end of the millennium, Satan has taken a human form while looking for the woman who will bear his child, and it is up to a suicidal ex-cop to prevent the end of days. Arguably, one of the best, darkest… and underrated films Schwarzenegger has ever been in. Brilliant fast-paced and editedContinue reading “End of Days (1999): Action / Fantasy / Horror”


Mr. Destiny (1990): Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Leading a repetitive life, Larry Burrows, on his 35th birthday, wishes his life was different, more exciting… and this is exactly what he gets! How many times have I watched this film is beyond me… And I think I’m gonna grow old and grey and I’m still gonna be watching it. Yes, it’s very similarContinue reading “Mr. Destiny (1990): Comedy / Fantasy / Romance”

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

An ambitious young man is put by the board of directors as president in a… convoluted company involved in a stock scam. ‘It takes a village to make a film’… and The Hudsucker Proxy is the living proof – and the best side of Hollywood. Joel and Ethan Coen write (alongside Sam Raimi), direct, andContinue reading “The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Comedy / Drama / Fantasy”

Clown (2014): Drama / Fantasy / Horror

A father tries to please his kid on his birthday by dressing up as a clown only to get stuck in the suit, start losing his mind, and transform into… something else. This is not another clown film! Clown cuts straight to the point, gets you to feel the hero’s pain, introduces you to theContinue reading “Clown (2014): Drama / Fantasy / Horror”

The Crow (1994): Action / Drama / Fantasy

A man, after been brutally murdered, comes back to life to avenge his and his fiancée’s death by killing the ones responsible one by one. Even though deeply stigmatised and remembered as the film that Brandon Lee was killed, The Crow still remains Lee’s legacy and a ’90s goth, revenge, Halloween classic. One of Alex Proyas’Continue reading “The Crow (1994): Action / Drama / Fantasy”

Sleepy Hollow (1999): Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

An eccentric constable is sent to a village called Sleepy Hollow to investigate three mysterious murders but he gets more than he bargained for when he encounters The Headless Horseman. Twenty years later and it’s still captivating. Tim Burton adapts for the silver screen the legendary Celtic and German folklore and creates one of theContinue reading “Sleepy Hollow (1999): Fantasy / Horror / Mystery”

Sucker Punch (2011): Action / Adventure / Fantasy

After losing her mother and accidentally killing her sister, a young girl gets institutionalised, mentally withdrawing to an alternate reality, to produce an escape plan. There is no real need for yet another review on Sucker Punch but, stumbling upon a horrible critique the other day, I felt like watching it again and writing about it. Directing,Continue reading “Sucker Punch (2011): Action / Adventure / Fantasy”

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988): Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

In times of war and reason, Baron Munchausen shows up to inspire with a story of a lifetime that bypasses reality and goes down the rabbit hole of evocative fantasy and mythical adventure. From Constantinople to the moon, to the centre of the Earth, to the belly of the beast, and back, Baron Munchausen travelsContinue reading “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988): Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy”

Mortal Engines (2018): Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Hundreds of years from now, the world as we know it has been destroyed, the remaining cities have been mobilised, the major cities are hunting down the smaller ones, and two youngsters do everything in their power to change the status quo. I’ve spoken before about budget and creativity as I have spoken before aboutContinue reading “Mortal Engines (2018): Action / Adventure / Fantasy”

Suspiria (2018): Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

Berlin 1977: A girl arrives at a world-renowned dancing school only to discover obscure entities harbouring haunting secrets. “Suspiria” is a prime example of the endless highbrow/lowbrow “battle”. The reviews escalate from 1/10 to 10/10 and back in the blink of an eye. It is not for everyone! Expel the Hollywood narrative prior to enteringContinue reading “Suspiria (2018): Fantasy / Horror / Mystery”