Luce (2019): Drama

Luce, a black kid adopted from war-torn Eritrea by a white couple, becomes an excellent school student and a political statement but a series of obscure and ostensibly unrelated events gradually reveal everyone’s true colours. I think that IMDb got it wrong here. They put ‘Drama’ under the title when they should have described itContinue reading “Luce (2019): Drama”


Adopt a Highway (2019): Drama

A man is released from prison after many years and while trying to figure out how the modern world works, he stumbles upon a baby dumped in the trash. I’ll start with the fact that this is a drama from Blumhouse – the king of low budget-that always-turns-a-profit horrors. A quite insightful and existential IContinue reading “Adopt a Highway (2019): Drama”

Marriage Story (2019): Comedy / Drama / Romance

A married couple with a little kid decides to break up and both parties reveal their best and worst hidden sides of themselves. Even though ‘it takes a village to make a film’ and every department plays a significant role in a film’s success or failure, five major ones (not in a particular order) needContinue reading “Marriage Story (2019): Comedy / Drama / Romance”

Wounds (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery

A world of obscurity and darkness gradually surrounds a bartender after finding a phone left at his bar. At first, everyone’s merry. People ‘necking’ life in shot glasses seems like the way to go in a world full of worries. Then, different people who don’t belong to that world leave behind this phone which carries…Continue reading “Wounds (2019): Drama / Horror / Mystery”

Black and Blue (2019): Action / Crime / Drama

A rookie, black, female police officer becomes the target of three corrupt cops after witnessing them murder a bunch of young drug dealers. It seems that there are three sore points Black and Blue addresses. Two of them are included in the film’s title but wait until we get to the script. Its cinematography, NaomieContinue reading “Black and Blue (2019): Action / Crime / Drama”

Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi

A power enabled construction worker teams up with the wrong people in an effort to save his dying mother. Canada strikes back! Only three months after Freaks (2019), Code 8 makes an appearance and leaves a lasting impression. Take the superpowers out and you are left with a strong existential drama about working-class peopleContinue reading “Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi”

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

An ambitious young man is put by the board of directors as president in a… convoluted company involved in a stock scam. ‘It takes a village to make a film’… and The Hudsucker Proxy is the living proof – and the best side of Hollywood. Joel and Ethan Coen write (alongside Sam Raimi), direct, andContinue reading “The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Comedy / Drama / Fantasy”

Bad Santa 2 (2016): Comedy / Crime / Drama

Having never left the rock bottom, Willie follows again his angry sidekick and puts the Santa suit once more only, this time, to rob a Chicago charity. Still hilarious, still politically incorrect, still Thornton and Cox! Once more, the starting monologue followed by the alley vomiting, mirror the same reality Willie still lives on, highlyContinue reading “Bad Santa 2 (2016): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

Bad Santa (2003): Comedy / Crime / Drama

A miserable thief and his angry sidekick keep posing as Santa and elf to con people but their Christmas Eve job goes terribly wrong. Watch the unrated version! Right off the bat, Billie Bob’s monologue! This is when you know exactly what you sign up for; ‘an eating, drinking, shi*ing, f*ing Santa Claus’! Billie BobContinue reading “Bad Santa (2003): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

The Room (2019): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

A young couple moves into a house with many secrets and a room that… grants wishes. I’ve been told that in Los Angeles, everyone has an idea about a great film. Do you know why almost no one makes it? Because no Industry Professional cares about any kind of idea. The Room is based on aContinue reading “The Room (2019): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi”