Venom (2018): Action / Sci-Fi


A lot could be said about this film and the reviews surrounding it but I’m going to keep it short and to the point.

In the graphic novels, Eddie Brock is shady. Really shady. His moral compass takes a one-way ticket. It is all about him and his career as a reporter. Then, Venom comes along, they find each other, and together they develop the ultimate hatred for Spiderman. Over the years, between Venom and Spiderman, numerous timelines have been spawned. To cut the long story short, Eddie Brock/Venom is a supervillain.

Sony’s Venom starts by being murderous and then, due to a not shady Eddie Brock, he stops eating people’s heads and just damages (severely) whoever gets in his way. Here, Eddie Brock is an honest, everyday relatable guy who just tries to keep his head above water and turns Venom into an antihero.

Separate these two in your head and just get entertained. Tom Hardy does a great job, the VFX team nails it, the script has the right amount of character development, laugh, action, and the final outcome stands tall on its own. If I were to pick on something, that would be the fight between Riot and Venom where I was struggling to figure out who is hurting whom and how.

Just enjoy it!


Blindspotting (2018): Comedy / Crime / Drama


You Raiders fan? Oakland’s city lifestyle? Wanna roam through its street and its everyday people? If the answer is ‘yes’, watch it! If the answer is ‘no’, still watch it!

Cinematically… Director Carlos L√≥pez Estrada, editor Gabriel Fleming, and writers/producers/ actors Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs sat down and said: “Let’s cut the shit”! Literally and metaphorically. Not one shot is there for no reason. No line is there for no reason. No rap song sang is there for no reason. Anything that could be of no reason, has been cut!

And then there is real life… Films like “Blindspotting” are the reason to film. They remain true to their genres when in times of relentless crime, they become the reason to laugh and become the reason to cry. And they will remain the reason, as long as they remind us that be it black, white, brown, yellow or any other colour, all of us are trying to find our place in this world of labels; struggling with who we are, who we want to be, and who society drives us to be.

Monga (2010): Action / Crime / Drama


Taiwan’s jewel! A critically acclaimed and commercial success that exceeded expectations. Starting as “coming of age” ending up gangster, “Monga” takes you back from “The Outsiders (1983)”, to “Goodfellas (1990)” and “The Departed (2006)”.

Accurate depiction of Taiwan in the ’80s, “Monga” is traveling you through youngsters wanna turn gangsters, the relationship and clash between Mainlanders and Islanders, loyalty, bloody violence, vulgar language, family, betrayal, status quo, rejection… By the end of it, we are left with bitter-sweet feelings that make us reminisce about our own aspirations and dreams, and the harsh reality that faced them.

Fun facts:

  • Banned in China – which made it even more famous.
  • Language: Mandarin (mostly).
  • Certain actors had to learn Taiwanese Hokkien as they grew up from mainland China to the UK and the US.
  • Its undeniable success became a topic for a Ph.D. thesis.