Black and Blue (2019): Action / Crime / Drama

A rookie, black, female police officer becomes the target of three corrupt cops after witnessing them murder a bunch of young drug dealers. It seems that there are three sore points Black and Blue addresses. Two of them are included in the film’s title but wait until we get to the script. Its cinematography, NaomieContinue reading “Black and Blue (2019): Action / Crime / Drama”


Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi

A power enabled construction worker teams up with the wrong people in an effort to save his dying mother. Canada strikes back! Only three months after Freaks (2019), Code 8 makes an appearance and leaves a lasting impression. Take the superpowers out and you are left with a strong existential drama about working-class peopleContinue reading “Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi”

Bad Santa 2 (2016): Comedy / Crime / Drama

Having never left the rock bottom, Willie follows again his angry sidekick and puts the Santa suit once more only, this time, to rob a Chicago charity. Still hilarious, still politically incorrect, still Thornton and Cox! Once more, the starting monologue followed by the alley vomiting, mirror the same reality Willie still lives on, highlyContinue reading “Bad Santa 2 (2016): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

Bad Santa (2003): Comedy / Crime / Drama

A miserable thief and his angry sidekick keep posing as Santa and elf to con people but their Christmas Eve job goes terribly wrong. Watch the unrated version! Right off the bat, Billie Bob’s monologue! This is when you know exactly what you sign up for; ‘an eating, drinking, shi*ing, f*ing Santa Claus’! Billie BobContinue reading “Bad Santa (2003): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

The Irishman (2019): Biography / Crime / Drama

A retired mob hitman remembers the old days and how everything started; the Italian mafia, the Kennedys, doing what he had to do to become who he is, as well as befriending Jimmy Hoffa. Only twenty minutes shorter than Once Upon a Time in America (1984), The Irishman, based on Charles Brandt’s book and Steven Zaillian’sContinue reading “The Irishman (2019): Biography / Crime / Drama”

Earthquake Bird (2019): Crime / Drama / Mystery

A translator in Japan becomes a prime suspect after her friend goes missing and her utterances and actions only worsen the situation for her. Enigmatic, slow-burn, awkward. Mystery surrounds not only what Lucy Fly says and does but what everyone says and does. Interestingly enough, there is no character development as all characters are alreadyContinue reading “Earthquake Bird (2019): Crime / Drama / Mystery”

Avengement (2019): Action / Crime / Thriller

After years of imprisonment, a man manages to escape and heads straight for the people responsible that made his life inside a living hell. Fifth collaboration between Jesse V. Johnson and Scott Adkins with this one and Savage Dog (2017) being my favourite ones. Originally from Sutton Coldfield, only a few miles away from whereContinue reading “Avengement (2019): Action / Crime / Thriller”

Joker (2019): Crime / Drama / Thriller

Before Joker became the infamous criminal, he was Arthur Fleck, a mentally disturbed aspiring comedian who cracked under the pressure of an even more disturbing city called Gotham. It feels like psychological studies could be written on Joker. As I only do short film reviews though, I’ll keep it to the point. Todd Philips has delivered aContinue reading “Joker (2019): Crime / Drama / Thriller”

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019): Crime / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Three unexplained, identical murders in the city of Philadelphia will make a police officer devote his life to finding the mysterious serial killer behind them. It piqued my interest from the opening scene. By the end of ‘1988’ – a very well structured and powerful first act –  it already had my undivided attention. Don’tContinue reading “In the Shadow of the Moon (2019): Crime / Mystery / Sci-Fi”

Cold Pursuit (2019): Action / Crime / Drama

After his son gets murdered, a snowplow driver tracks down and goes after everyone responsible for his death. Hans Petter Moland, writer/director of films with a unique character such as Aberdeen (2000) and his latest Out Stealing Horses (2019), impresses this time by remaking his own film In Order of Disappearance (2014) – all three ledContinue reading “Cold Pursuit (2019): Action / Crime / Drama”