Coherence (2013): Mystery / Sci-fi / Thriller


The epitome of an indie, low budget, single location film!  The absolute mind-f@!# that, through largely impromptu dialogue and genuine reactions, makes you question who you are, and/or who you could have been, in multiple, alternate, fractured realities.

A round of applause for the Director, the Production team, and the actors who achieved this with $50K, in 5 nights, with 2 cameras, in 1 location.

A piece of advice: Instinctively, you will try to rationalize and keep track of what is happening. When you start feeling your brain cells frying, STOP!


The Last Winter (2006): Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Last Winter.jpg

Kubrick’s and Carpenter’s influences mix in this thriller that went utterly under the radar. A slow burn, dark, claustrophobic, environmental, psychedelic mystery that will make the viewer want to find out how this arctic mystery ends. With characters like the ones you meet here, you’ll probably find yourself undecided whether they deserve what’s happening to them or not. Production-wise, it’s an ambitious effort that falls short in the use of CGI. I guess the budget of two and a half lemons takes the blame for that one. Despite the school of thought you follow, the film does not make it easy on your final decision as to whether it is a half-baked or a well-crafted film. One thing is for sure though, it won’t leave you indifferent.

What Keeps You Alive (2018): Horror / Thriller

What Keeps You Alive.jpg

Other than the title and its genre, read nothing beforehand. Get comfy, and for the next hour and a half see what happens to two women, who have decided to spend their lives together, celebrating their one-year anniversary in the cabin in the woods.

A story twisted beyond salvage. Suspicions of what might happen, turn a perceptual mind game into a heart pounding game of pure viscerality where the hunter becomes prey until the tide turns again.

Very well directed, produced, acted, and written even though it inevitably falls into the pit of overwrought hyperbole.

Thelma (2017): Drama / Fantasy / Horror


Slow burn, Scandinavian “Carrie” will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story unfolds in baby steps creating the viewer a concoction of emotions as it covers a variety of themes such as coming of age, coming out, domestic, self-discovery, revenge, religion, science, psychogenic abilities, redemption… And all that wrapped in a cinematic experience, out of the ordinary, mainstream filmmaking. A psychological/paranormal drama that is tightrope walking between reality and fantasy, leading to a resolution that delivers and gives justice to the journey’s setup and confrontation.

Await Further Instructions (2018): Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Await Further Instructions.jpg

It is my humble opinion that when one writes a script to raise more questions than to provide answers, they need, at least, an out of the ordinary ending – a twist, that actually introduces that radical change in the direction after acts one and two. Also, especially in one-location films, characters must be relatable and compelling. This is neither the case here but acting gets a round of applause. All in all, it was an admirable effort but it could be a lot better.