Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi

A power enabled construction worker teams up with the wrong people in an effort to save his dying mother. Canada strikes back! Only three months after Freaks (2019), Code 8 makes an appearance and leaves a lasting impression. Take the superpowers out and you are left with a strong existential drama about working-class peopleContinue reading “Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi”


Freaks (2019): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

With the excuse that people will want to hurt her, a girl, locked insider the house since birth by her insanely overprotective father, manages to escape only to realise that he was right all along. Push (2009) meets Stephanie (2017) made in Canada. A great narrative accompanied by great cinematography. The compelling atmosphere and theContinue reading “Freaks (2019): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi”

Hollow in the Land (2017): Drama / Mystery / Thriller

While their father is facing time for his notorious crime, two siblings, just for having his name, have to face society. Dark, existential, real, and made in Canada! Low budget, indie film that went under the radar due to, mostly, negative reviews. The depiction of a small society can be negative for numerous reasons butContinue reading “Hollow in the Land (2017): Drama / Mystery / Thriller”

Prospect (2018): Drama / Sci-fi / Thriller

Father and daughter land on a planet’s remote, exotic moon to harvest precious gems and get rich but between merciless people and dangerous forest dwellers, escaping becomes the ultimate goal. Directors Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl shoot the feature version of their homonymous short, on a $3.9m budget. And the result pays off. Well-directed, well-pacedContinue reading “Prospect (2018): Drama / Sci-fi / Thriller”