The Ritual (2017): Horror / Mystery / Thriller

The Ritual.png

A breath of British, haunted, chilling air in the woodlands that will bring you back memories of The Blair Witch without the shaky camera. The hero’s journey who reaches redemption, paying an immense price. All in all:

Opening sequence – Intense!

Music: Bang on!

Photography: Superb!

Script: Solid!

Acting: Pretty convincing!

Production Design: Carved to the detail (especially dream sequences blending in with reality)!

Directing: Hats off!

Await Further Instructions (2018): Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Await Further Instructions.jpg

It is my humble opinion that when one writes a script to raise more questions than to provide answers, they need, at least, an out of the ordinary ending – a twist, that actually introduces that radical change in the direction after acts one and two. Also, especially in one-location films, characters must be relatable and compelling. This is neither the case here but acting gets a round of applause. All in all, it was an admirable effort but it could be a lot better.