Indie, Low Budget, and Utterly Mind-Bending

“The World of Apu” is a bimonthly, diverse, and multilingual online film magazine which explores film cultures from around the world. Below you can read my article on my personal top 5 indie, low budget and utterly mind-bending films (as the homonymous title dictates). I hope you enjoy it. Indie, Low Budget, and Utterly Mind-BendingContinue reading “Indie, Low Budget, and Utterly Mind-Bending”


Upgrade (2018): Action / Sci-fi / Thriller

In a world that technology controls every aspect of life, a technophobe not only finally embraces it but also upgrades himself to solve his wife’s murder. Producer/Writer/Director Leigh Whannell, who penned the script for Saw (2004), and Blumhouse Productions bring to life an action/thriller that mustn’t go unnoticed. Logan Marshall-Green gets into the role andContinue reading “Upgrade (2018): Action / Sci-fi / Thriller”

Boy Erased (2018): Biography / Drama

A boy is sent by his parents to a church-supportive gay conversion program after revealing to them that he has “impure” thoughts about men. Joel Edgerton proves time and time again that he was born and destined to be both in front and behind the camera. A fine addition and a major representative of theContinue reading “Boy Erased (2018): Biography / Drama”

Snowtown (2011): Biography / Crime / Drama

A few years ago, my really good friend Ben and I, sat down, ordered Chinese, and put “Snowtown” on. By the time food arrived, none of us were hungry and for the whole duration of the film, we didn’t say a word to each other. Damn, we barely spoke after… There are some depressing filmsContinue reading “Snowtown (2011): Biography / Crime / Drama”

The Rover (2014): Action / Crime / Drama

Wipe Hollywood completely out of Mad Max, and you get David Michôd’s post-apocalyptic Rover. This desolated Australia manages to crawl under every antihero’s skin and plant the seed of isolation and fear of their already existing despair. In this endless pitch-black tunnel, a light shines upon the most unlikely friendship between furious Eric (Guy Pearce)Continue reading “The Rover (2014): Action / Crime / Drama”

Animal Kingdom (2010): Crime / Drama

A cinematic achievement from writer/director David Michôd that will keep you engaged from the opening scene to the end credits. In front of the camera, Detective Guy Pearce and the not so beloved and highly dysfunctional Cody family, Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Jackie Weaver, James Frecheville, Luke Ford, and Sullivan Stapleton, perform magic and takeContinue reading “Animal Kingdom (2010): Crime / Drama”

On The Beach (2000): Drama, Sci-Fi

Almost 15 years ago, late at night, I watched it in my basement (drinking and smoking) and, in the end, three hours+ later, plastered, I was left wondering “is anyone alive”??? Over three hours of the perfect balance between world scale and personal drama/suffering that will depress and haunt you at the same time. Don’tContinue reading “On The Beach (2000): Drama, Sci-Fi”