Mr. Destiny (1990): Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Leading a repetitive life, Larry Burrows, on his 35th birthday, wishes his life was different, more exciting… and this is exactly what he gets! How many times have I watched this film is beyond me… And I think I’m gonna grow old and grey and I’m still gonna be watching it. Yes, it’s very similarContinue reading “Mr. Destiny (1990): Comedy / Fantasy / Romance”


Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi

A power enabled construction worker teams up with the wrong people in an effort to save his dying mother. Canada strikes back! Only three months after Freaks (2019), Code 8 makes an appearance and leaves a lasting impression. Take the superpowers out and you are left with a strong existential drama about working-class peopleContinue reading “Code 8 (2019): Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi”

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

An ambitious young man is put by the board of directors as president in a… convoluted company involved in a stock scam. ‘It takes a village to make a film’… and The Hudsucker Proxy is the living proof – and the best side of Hollywood. Joel and Ethan Coen write (alongside Sam Raimi), direct, andContinue reading “The Hudsucker Proxy (1994): Comedy / Drama / Fantasy”

Bad Santa 2 (2016): Comedy / Crime / Drama

Having never left the rock bottom, Willie follows again his angry sidekick and puts the Santa suit once more only, this time, to rob a Chicago charity. Still hilarious, still politically incorrect, still Thornton and Cox! Once more, the starting monologue followed by the alley vomiting, mirror the same reality Willie still lives on, highlyContinue reading “Bad Santa 2 (2016): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

Bad Santa (2003): Comedy / Crime / Drama

A miserable thief and his angry sidekick keep posing as Santa and elf to con people but their Christmas Eve job goes terribly wrong. Watch the unrated version! Right off the bat, Billie Bob’s monologue! This is when you know exactly what you sign up for; ‘an eating, drinking, shi*ing, f*ing Santa Claus’! Billie BobContinue reading “Bad Santa (2003): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

Event Horizon (1997): Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Having gone missing for seven years, spaceship ‘Event Horizon’ reappears having come back from a darkness beyond human understanding. One of the best psychological, sci-fi horrors you have ever watched: Alien (1979) meets Hellraiser (1987)! The ‘tragedy’ with Event Horizon is, as usual, the studio. When uncreative people in high places interfere with art, art alwaysContinue reading “Event Horizon (1997): Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller”

6 Underground (2019): Action / Adventure / Comedy

Six highly, uncommonly skilled – each in their own way – men and women have formed an anonymous team for the sole purpose of… making the world a better place. Michael Bay does what Michael Bay does best. What do you expect from 6 Underground? Slo-mo? You got it. Slow-mo with car chases? But withContinue reading “6 Underground (2019): Action / Adventure / Comedy”

The Room (2019): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

A young couple moves into a house with many secrets and a room that… grants wishes. I’ve been told that in Los Angeles, everyone has an idea about a great film. Do you know why almost no one makes it? Because no Industry Professional cares about any kind of idea. The Room is based on aContinue reading “The Room (2019): Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi”

Official Secrets (2019): Biography / Drama / Romance

A British Intelligence whistleblower decides to leak information about an illegal NSA spy operation that would force the UN Security Council to authorise the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Based on the book by Marcia and Thomas Mitchell “The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War: Katharine Gun and the Secret Plot to Sanction theContinue reading “Official Secrets (2019): Biography / Drama / Romance”

Death Ship (1980): Adventure / Horror / Mystery

A Nazi ghost ship rams a cruise ship, sinks it, and then comes back only to get the survivors on board and make them descent into madness. Act I: Chessy ’70s editing, accompanied by cheesy ’70s music. Get to know who everyone is and what everyone is like. You see them having fun and thenContinue reading “Death Ship (1980): Adventure / Horror / Mystery”