“The Beyond” (2017): Sci-Fi

Interesting, found footage Syfy. No action at all, yet extremely well, scientifically written. It is definitely not a flawless found footage film but the eye-opening questions it raises, and a lot of them are “what ifs”, and its scientific realism make up for it. Kudos to Hasraf Dulull who directed, wrote, produced, edited, and workedContinue reading ““The Beyond” (2017): Sci-Fi”


Ocean’s 8 (2018): Action / Comedy / Crime

The feminist version that no one asked for. Nothing funny. Nothing new. Multicultural cast just to attract a diverse audience – which was not attracted anyway. No twists. More plot holes than Swiss cheese. I could go on and on… The adjectives to characterize this film reside only in Pandora’s box. I was running errandsContinue reading “Ocean’s 8 (2018): Action / Comedy / Crime”

The Ritual (2017): Horror / Mystery / Thriller

A breath of British, haunted, chilling air in the woodlands that will bring you back memories of The Blair Witch without the shaky camera. The hero’s journey who reaches redemption, paying an immense price. All in all: Opening sequence – Intense! Music: Bang on! Photography: Superb! Script: Solid! Acting: Pretty convincing! Production Design: Carved toContinue reading “The Ritual (2017): Horror / Mystery / Thriller”

Mile 22 (2018): Action / Adventure / Crime

Yo fam! Fancy a piss-poorly written and directed film? Horribly edited; with the longest shot being no more than 4 seconds for an hour and a half? With terrible acting? With totally forgettable characters having backgrounds that have nothing to do with the present and you won’t give two shits when they die? With MarkContinue reading “Mile 22 (2018): Action / Adventure / Crime”

The Predator (2018): Action / Adventure / Horror

I know it’s meant to be short reviews but films like that make me break my own rules. Boy… where do I begin… I found the film extremely… profound! Profoundly ridiculous intro where we straight away see the predator, no suspense, no nothing, getting caught like a b!@¬£$. Shane said: “screw you, you know theContinue reading “The Predator (2018): Action / Adventure / Horror”

Suburbicon (2017): Comedy / Crime / Drama

Somehow,¬†back then, that film went under my radar. I must have been doing something really important when the trailer came out… or something really dull. Anyway, not that anyone cares, not knowing anything about it, I watched it and, 5′ into the film, I figured out that it’s, somehow, a Cohen brothers film. The disappearedContinue reading “Suburbicon (2017): Comedy / Crime / Drama”

Hereditary (2018): Drama / Horror / Mystery

It’s not very often one sees reviews either 1 or 10 on imdb and almost nothing in between. The acting is 100% solid. The character development is as it should have been. Overall, I think that the ostensibly unjustified twists and turns of the level of paranormal activity, the takeover of the subgenre (drama) fromContinue reading “Hereditary (2018): Drama / Horror / Mystery”

Room (2015): Drama, Thriller

An unsettling story that digs deep into your feelings. Larson and Tremblay deliver indescribable performances in characters who got heavily hit and knocked down by life but must find unfathomable strength to get up and move on. Its development could have taken endless turns. Yet, as if years of claustrophobic torment is not enough, howContinue reading “Room (2015): Drama, Thriller”

On The Beach (2000): Drama, Sci-Fi

Almost 15 years ago, late at night, I watched it in my basement (drinking and smoking) and, in the end, three hours+ later, plastered, I was left wondering “is anyone alive”??? Over three hours of the perfect balance between world scale and personal drama/suffering that will depress and haunt you at the same time. Don’tContinue reading “On The Beach (2000): Drama, Sci-Fi”

Look Away (2018): Thriller

Teen story, teen music, adult language. At first formulaic, then not. Somewhere down the line, you forget what the inciting incident is and how it is related to what you are watching. Acting is convincing on the other hand so, thumbs up as the characters’ actions/decisions don’t make much sense, like most parts of theContinue reading “Look Away (2018): Thriller”