I got hooked with the TV and Film production immediately after school. Working and studying it at the same time, I managed to go through various Production and Postproduction stages in the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. After years of work, and after having finished my Bachelor in Communication I went to the U.K. to specialise in visual effects by doing my Masters Degree and by being certified in Video Editing by Apple. In 2011, I won the “Nostimon Imar” Award (Best Greek Director Abroad) for my short film “Ithaca” that I wrote, edited and directed. The following year, I donated my documentary “Asperger Syndrome: Myths & Reality” to the National Autistic Society in the U.K. Until recently, I was working as Video Editor and Camera Operator in corporate videos, fashion shows, concerts, and documentaries. Now, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Film at the University of Nottingham, and work as a Freelance Columnist and Film Diploma Examiner.

KGP Film Reviews

You are about to watch a film. You pick one. You read the logline/synopsis. Seems interesting. Or is it? Check out my reviews, it might be there – may even help you decide. Feel free to request any film review. I’ll do it for you. Enjoy reading!

Cinehorrizon Podcasts

I am thoroughly examining the horror genre and its echoing aftershock to the society we live in. To be more specific, I am delving into every horror subgenre, examining it through the eyes of sociology, psychology, maths, engineering, art, religion, etc. I am also focusing on the film industry itself, scrutinising the writing, directing, editing, photography, and more, to potentially detect patterns, common denominators, the diverse styles of filmmaking, and the creative results they yield on the horror genre. Last but not least, every last Wednesday of the month, I am narrating my own horror stories which are based on short scripts of mine.